• Still Life

    Still Life

    Did a still life painting from photo reference I took myself.

  • Two Hour Figure Studies

    Two Hour Figure Studies

    Did some figure studies bit by bit over the last week. I tried to do each in two hours to get myself to work quickly but be thorough at the same time. This shows my progression for each figure. Reference from Art Models 3 by Maureen and Douglas Johnson.

  • Siren

    I did another piece through the 2D challenge forums on again. The topic was to do your own rendition of a siren.  Below are my works in progress and the final version.

    First wip: A quick study of the subjects and where I wanted them placed.

    Second wip: Adjusting bodyparts and starting in on a more defined background.

    Third wip:

    Final version:

  • Disney Princess Redesign

    I decided to join in on the Drawing Jam forum at (go to to see my profile).  This particular topic was to redesign Disney princesses, giving us a list of characters to choose from.  The specifics were to make them more current, but I sort of went my own way and revamped Pocahontas into a warrior. Below are my works in progress. Enjoy!


    The first sketch.

    Adding a vignette background and weapon.

    Starting in on details, adjusting body parts and of course, had to rearrange 'Meeko' so he wasn't falling over anymore:

    And my final version, which can also be viewed in my Illustration gallery: